3 Ways to Secure Your Business When Closed

For business owners in or around the Rochester, MN area, securing their business outside of working hours is very important. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we have three tips for you to consider regarding your business and keeping it secure after hours. 

Install Motion Lights

With most businesses being located in public areas, keeping it bright with motion lights or night outside lights overnight can protect your business. Having a well-lit area prevents thieves and vandals from hiding in the area and causing damage to the property. Installing motion lights will draw attention to your property if they suddenly turn on while law enforcement is patrolling the area. 

Bring Everything In

Before closing time, it is best to bring in any products or tools that were being used outside while the business was open. Leaving these items out overnight draws unwanted attention to your business and could cost you. Not only can it be stolen, but these thieves now have an idea of your products and have taken an interest in your business after hours. 

Upgrade Your Security System

Alarm systems today offer more than just a sound and alert the police. Today, you can install a system that can take a picture of the thief and store it on an external hard drive, making it much easier to catch them and locate missing equipment. Take advantage of a security system that protects you both at work and after hours, getting the proof you need and alerting the authorities. 

Combines These Securities with Commercial Insurance

At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we offer our Rochester, MN business owners another way to secure their business when it is closed, and that is with commercial insurance. Contact one of our agents today for more information and get the policy that fits your needs.