Beginner’s Guide to RV Insurance

RV insurance provides protection for your recreational vehicle. This can include everything from travel trailers, small campers, fifth-wheel trailers, and truck campers. RV insurance acts much like your auto insurance policy. However, RV insurance also offers many protections found in a home owner’s policy. Here are some important points you should know before purchasing your first RV insurance in the Rochester, MN area. 

Is RV Insurance Required? 

Minnesota law states if you drive an RV vehicle, on the road, then you are required to have RV insurance. While there are no insurance requirements for towing an RV in the state of Minnesota, it is highly recommended that you get coverage. This can protect your RV in case of an accident. 

What is Covered in RV Insurance? 

RV insurance covers your vehicle much like auto insurance. However, RV insurance goes a step further by also covering the living spaces inside the RV as well as the personal belongings inside the RV. If you would like to cover the attachments to your RV, such as antennas and awnings, then you will want to get Attachment Coverage with your RV insurance policy. Other additional coverage includes Pet InJurt coverage in case your pet is injured during an accident. 

Full-Time and Part-Time RV Coverage 

There are two general types of RV insurance coverage. if you are planning to live in your RV full time, then you will want to get full-time RV coverage. if you are only planning to use your RV part of the time, then you will want to get part-time RV coverage. Safechoice Insurance Agency is able to provide both full-time and part-time RV coverage policies.

Getting RV Insurance in Rochester MN

If you are looking for RV insurance coverage in the Rochester, MN area, then you will want to consider Safechoice Insurance Agency. They have a full range of RV insurance coverage for both full-time and part-time RV users.