Disaster Preparedness Tips For Your House

When you live in Rochester, Minnesota, it’s always a good idea to prepare your house for any kind of disaster. This includes fires, snowstorms, and anything else where you could be potentially stuck inside your home for several days, or even evacuated. A few tips can go a long way to making sure you are ready.

Have Food

It may sound obvious, but you want to have food in the house. 3-5 days’ worth can make a difference if you are ever stuck inside and cannot get out to the store. You should also have nonperishable items that can be eaten without being heated. Great items include peanut butter, protein bars, MREs, and trail mixes.

Buy Lighting

Buy sufficient lighting for all rooms of the house that isn’t dependent on electricity. This can include flashlights as well as wind-up lanterns. Avoid candles and such as the open flame can end up causing a fire.

Know About Fire Safety

Teach everyone about fire safety and have fire extinguishers in the house. Also ensure you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the house that are in working order.

Light Up Your Front Entry

Keep your front entry well-lit and properly locked so you can deter burglaries and break-ins.

Have Extra Batteries

Extra batteries are a good idea not only for flashlights and a radio, but also for toys for the kids. If you lose power, they are going to want their toys and you want to make sure they have a way of keeping themselves busy.

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