Four Benefits to Waterproofing Your Basement

As a homeowner in the Rochester, MN, area, protecting your basement is vital to the health of your home. There are financial and health benefits to waterproofing your basement and keeping it that way. 

1. Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Water damage can cause cracks and damage to your home’s foundation. This can be some of the most expensive repairs you make, so you want to make sure that you’re keeping the area protected from water. The plumbing in this area will also be secure, and if there happens to be a leak, it will be easier to identify before the problem gets too bad. 

2. Reduce Pest Infestations

Because the basement has been waterproofed and keeps out certain elements, pests aren’t going to be attracted to the area. Basements that hold too much water and have exposure will often be a breeding ground for unwanted pests to nest and start destroying your home from the bottom up. 

3. Improve Your Monthly Utility Bills

When you waterproof your basement, you don’t have as much humidity to fight throughout the year. This means your home will use less energy in this area, reducing your overall monthly cost. The HVAC system will not overwork; you can expect it to last longer and have lower payments for years. 

4. Keep Your Air Quality Healthy

One of the best things about waterproofing your basement is preventing the possibility of mildew and mold building up in that area. So many homes have fallen victim to poor air quality and lots of sickness due to mold growing in the home. With a waterproof basement, your family will be healthier because of having clean air and no exposure to harmful mold. 

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