Garage Sale Tips In MN

You want to have a great garage sale in Rochester, Minnesota and therefore there are some tips to follow. This will ensure that you maximize your time, market effectively, and earn more money.

Contact the Neighbors

Contact the neighbors to let them know that you are going to have a garage sale. If everyone decides to hold a sale on the same day, it can drive more traffic and allow you to sell more items.

Market Effectively

It is important to market effectively throughout Rochester. This means you will want to do a combination of marketing online and offline. Hang signs throughout the neighborhood, put an ad in the local newspaper, and create ads throughout various online forums. If you don’t market, people are never going to learn that you are even having a garage sale.

Price to Sell

Price everything to sell because you don’t want to bring it back into the house. Typical garage sale prices are a third to a quarter of the retail price. Anything more than that and people are likely going to walk away without even considering purchasing anything from you. Remember that many people like to haggle prices.

Donate Remaining

You have gone through the work of gathering everything that you don’t want. Donate the remaining items that don’t sell so that you don’t bring them back in the house. This will ensure that you remove the clutter from your home. Schedule a run to the donation center directly following the garage sale – or have a donation center pickup arranged, depending upon what your center offers and how much stuff you have to donate.

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