Road Trips and Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

Summer is fast approaching. If you’re like many Rochester, MN residents, you’ve probably started planning this year’s getaway. With the US lending itself to a culture of road trips, thousands of Americans are looking to hop in their car and see where the road takes them.

However, with all the excitement, the right car insurance policy is the last thing on many drivers’ minds. By taking a moment to review your coverage and how it works before starting your road trip, you can ensure that you’re prepared for anything coming your way.

Fortunately, the Safechoice Insurance Agency team is here to ensure you have the information you need to make the right choices before your next road trip.

What to Keep In Mind

When taking a road trip, there are two main things that you need to know: who and what is covered by your policy and what happens if you’re involved in an accident in another state. Your policy generally covers damage when other people drive your car unless it specifically states otherwise.

Your policy will still work if you’re in another state when your accident occurs. Though most states have their own requirements for how much coverage you should have, you typically won’t be punished for having less coverage than your state requires. However, you will want to be aware of how your policy handles things like roadside assistance, towing, and car rental costs.

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