Should You Choose Joint Auto Insurance Coverage When You Marry?

When people get married, conventional wisdom says to cover both spouses on the same auto policy for lower premiums. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we want residents of Rochester, MN, to understand that it does not always work because, sometimes, one or both spouses have a less-than-superb driving record.

Premiums Go Up with DUIs

What could cause premiums to go up instead of down if you placed both individuals on a single auto policy? Let’s explore the situations that would cause an increase in premiums, then consider how to improve the driving record to lower premiums again.

DUIs and DWIs by either spouse result in higher premiums. If both spouses have DUIs or DWIs, the premiums will skyrocket.

In general, bad driving records cause problems with premiums, too. If either spouse has a poor driving record or lost points for reckless driving or traffic tickets, premiums will increase. Instead of surprising your spouse with your bad driving record, talk frankly about such issues before you get married.

Improve Driving Records to Lower Premiums

Although you can lower the effect that a bad driving record or DUI has by taking a defensive driving course, it won’t fix the problem immediately. Only time and better driving can earn points back on a driver’s license. This results in slowly improving your premiums.

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