The Basics of ATV insurance

According to the American National Standards Institute, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a single operating vehicle that possesses handlebars for steering, operator straddles and utilizes tires of low-pressure. ATVs operate similarly to motorcycles, but these vehicles have more than two wheels and are slower than motorcycles. These vehicles come in either three wheels which are called three-wheelers or four wheels which are typically called four-wheelers, quads, or ATVs. 

ATVs are usually used for recreation driving over uneven and rough terrain. Families and friends will typically spend hours together driving through more challenging areas and exploring new places. Others use these vehicles for camping and hunting for easier transporting of supplies in the woods and difficult areas that are hard for regular vehicles to drive on. Other practical uses for ATV include snowplowing, material hauling, and so forth.

Since ATVs are vehicles, each state has its own requirements concerning these vehicles. And when it comes to insurance, the state of Minnesota requires you to have ATV liability insurance just like many states do.  

ATV insurance in general covers the following: 

  • Liabilities from an accident or damage to another person’s property

  • Any replacements or repairs to your vehicle

  • Your vehicle needing repairs due to vandalism or theft of your vehicle

However, ATV Liability insurance offers protection from legal liability of ATV ownership or operation. It covers the third party’s injury, including death, and/or property damaged you caused.

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