What Does Toy Insurance Cover?

Toy insurance is insurance for an asset that you have that isn’t a typical car or home. This may be for a jet ski or some other similar asset. If you were to lose your item then you could be set back financially. An agent at Safechoice Insurance Agency can help set you up with the right toy insurance policy for your specific needs.

It can be difficult to determine exactly what toy insurance will cover in Rochester, MN, because it will depend on the item. If your toy is something that can be driven, such as a motorhome, golf cart, dune buggy, various boats or personal watercraft, its insurance policy will generally include liability insurance for both bodily injury and property damage, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage. Liability insurance will protect you if your watercraft or other vehicle gets into an accident with someone else who is also operating a vehicle similar to yours. Liability will help pay for any injuries or damages caused by the accident, but it will not pay for damage to your own toy. This is where collision coverage and comprehensive coverage come in. If you are in an accident and have damage to your own toy, then collision coverage will help pay for the damage. If your toy is damaged by an event unrelated to an accident, then comprehensive coverage will pay for these costs.

If your toys are on the collectible side and don’t need liability, comprehensive or collision coverage, you can get additional insurance that helps pays for damages above what your homeowner’s insurance would already pay for. This can cover damages beyond wear and tear and any property theft, even if your toys are outside your home.

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