What is a Business Owners Policy (BOP)?

Understanding the fundamentals of a business owner’s policy is essential if you are an entrepreneur based in Rochester, MN. Safechoice Insurance Agency has made a reputable name in the region, offering business owners excellent insurance services. The policy covers several liabilities under one umbrella. Among them, they include commercial property coverage and business revenue insurance, among several others.

Perhaps you are opening a new business, and you do not have a clue about a BOP. It is advisable to learn the primary features and know if you need them according to your business setup. Here are factors that can educate you on matters related to a business owner’s policy.

An introduction to BOP

The policy safeguards your business from misfortunes that may occur. It extends to specific limits in varying situations. It features a general liability policy and commercial property insurance. 

The general liability policy takes care of several claims from varying industries. It covers issues like marketing liability, copyright matters, third-party injuries, and third-party destruction, to mention a few. It is fit for your business if you intend to engage advertisement agencies.

Commercial property policy safeguards your company from physical destruction triggered by natural calamities such as explosions, fire, floods, and lightning, to mention a few. The insurance covers your building, business equipment, signage, landscaping, and inventory, among others. However, the coverage does not include wealth located away from your business premises.

Who Needs to Purchase BOP Insurance?

The policy is decent for small startups in most cases. If your company hosts less than 100 workers, then BOP is the way to go. However, the annual revenue should not exceed $5 million if you chose the option. Your insurance agency should advise you on the best approach when purchasing BOP insurance for your new business.

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