When you should get toy insurance

Toy insurance doesn’t refer to your children’s toys, but the valuable toys you own as an adult can leave you out of pocket if something happens to them. While some products might be easily replaced, damage or loss of specific and more expensive products can be a financial and emotional burden to have to deal with. So when should you get toy insurance?

Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN is proud to offer toy insurance services to residents in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We always take pride in offering the best quotes to go over with you.

1. You live in an environment that can lead to easy damage or theft.

What can this mean? Several things:

  • You live with children (or adults) that can be quite rough, which leads to incidents more often.
  • You live in an area where theft happens a lot, whether they are burglaries or people stealing something from you on the street. 

2. Frequent and multiple uses

You are less likely to need insurance if you alone use your toy. However, if it is a toy you like to share with others, or it is meant for several people to use, there are more chances that someone accidentally drops it or chances of wear and tear. 

3. Is it an in-house toy, or do you take it out with you?

If you only use your toy inside, it might be just fine not to insure the toy. However, if you take your toys out a lot, this comes with a ton more risk of theft and damage. 

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