Why Call It Toy Insurance?

Adults live in a different world from kids. Our recreational toys are more expensive and fall prey to terrible accidents, theft, fire, and destruction. It costs more to replace and repair motorized vehicles and outdoor equipment. 

In most states, recreational vehicles, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and similar things are covered by RV insurance, ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance, etc.

Safechoice Insurance Agency of Rochester, MN understands that recreational "toys" require extensive and reliable coverage. We understand that significant investments of this type should have the same security as your home and auto. If you are looking for a policy, we have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

Why Bother With Insurance?

When you spend a lot of money on recreational vehicles such as ATVs or watercraft, you want to ensure they can be replaced if something happens to them. What can happen can mean anything from theft to a crash to something falling on them during a bad storm. That means insurance is important.

Physical injury to people is also an excellent reason to purchase toy insurance. Allowing someone else to operate your vehicle or craft can result in personal injury. Insurance covers this. What would happen if a heavy wind moved your vehicle or craft directly in the path of someone and they were injured? You wouldn’t have to worry about that if you had toy insurance.

Many toy owners only use their toys on their own property where they think nothing can happen to the toys or them. That’s okay as long as they can pay for anything resulting from accidents or damage. Don’t take the chance. Drop in or call Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN for insurance protection.