Why is Motorcycle Insurance Necessary?

Motorcycle insurance is a financial tool that protects you much like your auto insurance does.  The low premiums of state mandated limited liability insurance may be tempting but they don’t do enough to cover your assets.  When you are looking for motorcycle insurance, the team at Safechoice Insurance Agency are there for you in Rochester MN. 

Minimum liability insurance provides protection if you are in a wreck and found to be at fault.  It will cover the other person’s repair costs and medical bills up to a limit.  It will not, however, cover your repair costs or medical expenses.  If you are injured, these bills can become larger very quickly.  For better coverage, you need comprehensive and collision coverage.  These protect your assets if you have an accident.  This will ensure that you are able to get the repairs you need to your bike and take care of any medical bills that you have.  You can also have the protection if you are hit by an underinsured/uninsured motorist.  Some policies also offer roadside assistance should you become stranded by an accident.  Any customization that you do to your bike or specialized accessories can also be covered.  This is invaluable if you have invested a lot into your motorcycle.  Without this coverage, any damage from a wreck would come out of your pocket. 

While you make every attempt to be safe on the road, the reality is that accidents happen.  While you are required to have insurance when you head out, you need to have the right insurance to make sure that you are truly protected.  At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we’re ready to help you get the coverage that you need.  We know what motorcycle riders in Rochester, MN need to financially protect themselves.  Give us a call or come by to discover the difference that the right insurance makes.