Winter Care Tips for Your RV in Rochester, MN

Winter can be especially harsh on your RV. Without the proper preparation, you could end up with damage and costly repairs. You don’t want to spend your winter worrying about preventing damage to your RV—you should be able to enjoy the season! Here are some simple tips from Safechoice Insurance Agency to help protect your RV as the temperatures drop in Rochester, MN. 

Insulation and Heating Systems 

Your RV needs extra insulation to protect it from frigid temperatures. The best way to do this is by adding fiberglass and weather stripping around any interior openings or windows. This will help keep heat inside your RV and reduce drafts that can cause significant damage. In addition, check that all heating systems are in good working condition before the onset of cold weather so everything runs efficiently as temperatures drop. 

Antifreeze/Coolant Maintenance 

Ensuring that your antifreeze/coolant systems function properly throughout winter is also essential. Check all hoses and lines, replacing worn or damaged parts as needed. Also, ensure enough antifreeze/coolant runs through the engine—this helps prevent freezing temperatures from damaging internal components of your RV’s engine system. 

Battery Maintenance

Ensure you have a fresh set of batteries installed in your RV before the start of winter, so they last longer during cold periods when power is more likely to be used. It’s also a good idea to check on them periodically throughout the season and replace them if necessary – dead batteries are no fun! Last, watch out for any corrosion or other issues with battery terminals. If these aren’t taken care of, they could lead to more significant problems down the road. 

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