Do I Need Auto Insurance For My Second-hand Car?

You know, car insurance is mandatory in Minnesota. But is this a requirement for a second-hand car? Whether you drive a new or second-hand car, the law requires you to maintain car insurance to operate your vehicle legally. However, car insurance policies may not make sense for your second-hand vehicle. Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN, explains what you need to know about car insurance for used vehicles.

Why do I need car insurance for my used car?

You can buy a used car, but you will not operate it legally without car insurance. Although car insurance is mandatory, that’s not the only motivation to buy car insurance. Here are the reasons you should purchase auto insurance for your used vehicle.

  • To protect you from liability claims: Whether you are using a new or used car, you can cause accidents, leading to bodily injury and property damage. Since these liability costs can be expensive, you need insurance coverage to protect you.
  • Physical damage coverage: If you can cover the repair and replacement cost of your used car, you don’t need collision and comprehensive coverage. However, if your used car still holds good value, car insurance protects it from physical damage.
  • Medical costs coverage: Auto accidents don’t result in car damage only — you and your passengers can suffer injuries. Car insurance pays for your medical costs for your auto injuries.

You don’t need an entirely new policy for your used car. If you have an existing car insurance policy, you need to update it to your current vehicle. Depending on the value of your car, you may need to add premiums.

Purchasing car insurance today

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