My dog bit my neighbor while he was in my backyard. Will my homeowners insurance cover it?

Homeowners insurance has many benefits that create peace of mind. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for repairing and replacing your home and other situations and circumstances. As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to understand how your homeowner’s insurance policy works and what’s covered. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we take pride in educating Rochester, MN residents on how insurance works and what’s covered.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance provides three main areas of coverage. There’s coverage for the repair or replacement of your home. You also have liability protection under your homeowner’s policy. Plus, you’re also covered for theft. Your policy will compensate you financially to repair or replace your home and more.

My dog bit my neighbor while he was in my backyard. Will my homeowner’s insurance cover it?

Dog bites are covered by a homeowners policy and would likely fall into the category of liability coverage. However, there may be limitations or specific details regarding animals. You’ll need to speak with an agent to ensure that dog bites fall under your liability coverage policy. Your coverage would include legal and financial protection for the injured/bitten person. Anything not covered by your policy would be the policyholder’s responsibility. 

It’s best to keep in mind that every insurance company is different. The terms of your liability coverage would determine what types of situations and coverage levels are set. Call us if you have questions about what’s covered by your homeowner’s policy. We know that a homeowners policy combines many different forms of coverage to meet the needs of homeowners. However, we can help you explore all the options and benefits.