How much life insurance is enough?

For most people, life insurance isn’t about you but rather about the ones you love and who count on you. In Rochester, MN, our team at Safechoice Insurance Agency has the experience and expertise to provide the advice you require to make the right choice about your life insurance coverage. As an independent agency, we represent a variety of carriers, so we offer more choices. 

Life insurance is a personal decision. The amount of life insurance that is enough for you may be totally different from anyone you know. Several things need to be taken into account to ensure that your loved ones are provided for adequately. 

  • Income – Certainly, no two people have precisely the same income. This is what you are replacing with your life insurance. If you earn $40,000 a year, you will need to replace less than someone who earns $100,000. 
  • Dependents – How many people depend on your income? If you have only a partner, you will need to provide less than if you have several children as well as a partner. 
  • How long – The age of your dependents is also vital to your number. Small children will be dependent longer than older ones will. You want to ensure that they can stay in the home they are used to, even after you are gone. 

Once you have gotten all these numbers together, you can begin to figure out how much life insurance will be enough. Once you know what you need, it is time to start shopping for life insurance you can afford. 

At Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN, we look forward to providing you with the information and life insurance you require. Contact our office today.