Don’t Rely on Your Employer for Life Insurance

Employer-provided life insurance is a great perk, but it’s often insufficient to meet all of your needs. The team at Safechoice Insurance Agency is here to help you review all of your life insurance needs and determine if a supplemental policy makes sense for you and your family. If you are in the greater Rochester, MN area, we are here to answer all of your life insurance questions and address any concerns that you may have!

It Makes Sense to Have Your Own Life Insurance Policy

A company-provided life insurance policy is usually tied to your salary. These policies are typically term policies that payout upon your death. In most cases, you will not realize any cash benefit from the policy. This type of coverage is beneficial because it can cover your final expenses, but it may not be sufficient to take care of all of your family’s financial needs. 

If you leave your employer for another job, you can usually take your policy with you. You will have a lot less input on the type of policy and the level of coverage when your employer chooses a policy for you. Don’t be stuck with a policy that doesn’t truly meet your needs. Take a look today at complementary policies that can help fill any insurance gaps that there are with your work-provided policy. Life insurance is a great perk, but you may require additional coverage from your own policy.

Want to find out more about the many benefits of life insurance? The team of professional agents at Safechoice Insurance Agency is here to help you determine what mix of life insurance is right for your needs. If you are in the greater Rochester, MN area, call or stop by today!

3 Ways to Secure Your Business When Closed

For business owners in or around the Rochester, MN area, securing their business outside of working hours is very important. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we have three tips for you to consider regarding your business and keeping it secure after hours. 

Install Motion Lights

With most businesses being located in public areas, keeping it bright with motion lights or night outside lights overnight can protect your business. Having a well-lit area prevents thieves and vandals from hiding in the area and causing damage to the property. Installing motion lights will draw attention to your property if they suddenly turn on while law enforcement is patrolling the area. 

Bring Everything In

Before closing time, it is best to bring in any products or tools that were being used outside while the business was open. Leaving these items out overnight draws unwanted attention to your business and could cost you. Not only can it be stolen, but these thieves now have an idea of your products and have taken an interest in your business after hours. 

Upgrade Your Security System

Alarm systems today offer more than just a sound and alert the police. Today, you can install a system that can take a picture of the thief and store it on an external hard drive, making it much easier to catch them and locate missing equipment. Take advantage of a security system that protects you both at work and after hours, getting the proof you need and alerting the authorities. 

Combines These Securities with Commercial Insurance

At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we offer our Rochester, MN business owners another way to secure their business when it is closed, and that is with commercial insurance. Contact one of our agents today for more information and get the policy that fits your needs. 

Three things you need to know as a first-time home insurance buyer

Home insurance is an essential product for anyone who owns a home. You need to protect the investment you make in your property, and your lender will require home insurance if your home purchase was financed.

At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we want to make sure first-time home buyers out there in Rochester, MN know the following three things before purchasing a home insurance policy. 

Insurance providers frequently offer a discount for bundling.

Anything you can do to bring down the costs of your insurance will significantly help you down the road. One discount that’s commonly offered by many insurance providers is a bundling discount. 

Bundling discounts mean you pay less if you have numerous types of insurance through the same provider. This means if you get your auto and home insurance from the same company, you may enjoy lower premiums. 

Having a home inspection can help you learn of ways to bring down insurance costs.

Home insurance providers typically inspect a home as part of determining how much they will charge for coverage. During this inspection, they may mention repairs you can make to bring down your insurance premiums. 

To learn more about purchasing home insurance for the first time in Rochester, MN, contact us at Safechoice Insurance Agency with your inquiries. 

Is basic auto insurance right for me?

In Minnesota, the No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act requires everyone who is on the roads in the state to have basic auto insurance. This includes personal injury protection, liability insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage. This protects you and anyone else in your vehicle as well as protecting the people and vehicles that you are involved in an accident with. But in an accident where you are at fault, it does not cover your vehicle. At Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN our agents can help you understand if this is the coverage you need or if you need additional coverage. 

While the law requires you have these basic coverage, you have the option of adding additional coverage that can offer more protection. If you have assets you may want to have more liability insurance than just the basic amount. If you have a vehicle that has a reasonable amount of cash value you may also want to provide insurance that can help repair or replace it in the event that it is damaged. 

Collision is additional coverage that provides the money that you need to have your vehicle repaired or replaced in the event of an accident. It usually has a deductible that you determine. If you would not be able to pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle on your own or it would be a hardship, this can be very important coverage. 

Comprehensive insurance covers damage that results from something other than an accident with another vehicle. It can be weather-related damage such as hail or high winds or it can be vandalism. If your car is stolen, comprehensive insurance is what covers its loss. 

Basic auto insurance may be right for you but if you aren’t sure Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN has the knowledgeable staff to help you to make the right decision. Give us a call or stop by our office for a no-obligation quote. 



How RV Insurance Can Protect You

Driving around the country and seeing all the landmarks, scenery, and everything else that it has to offer can be a great vacation option. Unfortunately, many people will find that sitting in a small car is uncomfortable and the costs of hotels add up quickly. For those that are in the Rochester, MN area, one good idea to consider would be to get an RV as it gives you a large and comfortable mode of transportation and a place to sleep and relax at night. If you are going to get an RV, you should also get RV insurance as it can protect you in several different ways. 

Insurance Will Protect Your RV

One benefit of getting RV insurance is that it will help to protect your RV. When you buy an RV, you are going to make a major purchase that needs to be properly protected. An RV insurance policy will give you coverage against many situations that could cause a loss including theft, vandalism, and accident damage. 

RV Insurance Will Give you Liability Protection

Another benefit of RV insurance is that it will give you liability protection. If you are going to be driving an RV, you are always taking on a small chance that you will be found at fault in an accident. When you have RV insurance, you will receive coverage for these situations. This will also help you to comply with state law, which requires that RV drivers have liability coverage at all times.

Overall, RV insurance is a great option for anyone in the Rochester, MN area with an RV. When looking for these policies, you should consider working with Safechoice Insurance Agency. The team at Safechoice Insurance Agency can provide you with the support you need to understand your options and to help you get into a great RV insurance policy. 

Why is Motorcycle Insurance Necessary?

Motorcycle insurance is a financial tool that protects you much like your auto insurance does.  The low premiums of state mandated limited liability insurance may be tempting but they don’t do enough to cover your assets.  When you are looking for motorcycle insurance, the team at Safechoice Insurance Agency are there for you in Rochester MN. 

Minimum liability insurance provides protection if you are in a wreck and found to be at fault.  It will cover the other person’s repair costs and medical bills up to a limit.  It will not, however, cover your repair costs or medical expenses.  If you are injured, these bills can become larger very quickly.  For better coverage, you need comprehensive and collision coverage.  These protect your assets if you have an accident.  This will ensure that you are able to get the repairs you need to your bike and take care of any medical bills that you have.  You can also have the protection if you are hit by an underinsured/uninsured motorist.  Some policies also offer roadside assistance should you become stranded by an accident.  Any customization that you do to your bike or specialized accessories can also be covered.  This is invaluable if you have invested a lot into your motorcycle.  Without this coverage, any damage from a wreck would come out of your pocket. 

While you make every attempt to be safe on the road, the reality is that accidents happen.  While you are required to have insurance when you head out, you need to have the right insurance to make sure that you are truly protected.  At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we’re ready to help you get the coverage that you need.  We know what motorcycle riders in Rochester, MN need to financially protect themselves.  Give us a call or come by to discover the difference that the right insurance makes. 

How Does ATV Insurance Protect You and Your Family?

Are you looking forward to your next vacation in the woods north of Rochester MN? There is nothing like riding through tree-covered trails on your off-road vehicle. ATV insurance from Safechoice Insurance Agency offers the added protection your family needs to take full advantage of trail riding. How does it protect you? Read on and find out.

ATV Insurance Gets Your Machine Repaired

Whether you own a single, side-by-side, or two-row off-road vehicle, it cost you a pretty penny. When you add ATV insurance from Safechoice Insurance Agency, you can afford to get that expensive toy fixed after you experience a catastrophic accident. Just like your car insurance, just pay an affordable deductible and your ride will be back on the trail in short order.

Damage to the Off-Road Park

Some times bad things do happen. What would happen to you if your teenager was riding with their friends at your local Rochester, MN park, and they took a wrong turn through a fence? Can you afford a repair that could cost thousands? The liability portion of your ATV insurance can help offset unforeseen expenses while maintaining your positive relationship with your local trail club.

Ride with Confidence

Loads of uncertainty can come with your mechanical toys. The worry of continuing to afford your hobby while providing the right protection for your family can take the fun out of your epic weekend or vacation. Instead of facing serious financial hardship when something breaks, the right insurance policy can help turn that bucket list trip into a carefree experience.

Would you like to learn more about the features you can add to your ATV insurance? Give our friendly agent at Safechoice Insurance Agency a call today.

What will my Minnesota toy insurance policy cover?

Living in the Rochester, MN area can be a great experience. This city offers a good local economy and many outdoor recreational options, such as jet skiing in the summer and going snowmobiling in the winter. Because of this, getting a recreational toy is a very popular investment for many people in and around Rochester. When you do get one of these toys, you will want to make sure that it is properly covered by insurance. Your toy insurance policy will provide several different forms of coverage. 

Covers the Toy

While a recreational toy is something that is a lot of fun, it is also a big purchase and investment. Because of this, you need to make sure that you properly cover it with insurance. If you get a recreational toy insurance policy, you will receive coverage for a variety of issues that could result in a loss including accident damage, fire, and even theft. 

Provides Liability

You are taking on some liability risk whenever you take out your recreational toy. If your use of the toy leads to an accident that causes damage to another party, it could be considered your fault under the law. Your recreational toy insurance policy will provide you with valuable coverage for these situations in which you are found to be at fault. 

Whenever you are in the market for a new recreational toy or simply want to insure an existing one, you should call the Safechoice Insurance Agency. When you contact the Safechoice Insurance Agency, you will be able to get all of the advice and support that you need to choose the right policy. This company can help any Rochester, MN area consumers get into a policy that provides the right type and level of coverage for their recreational toy. 

Who Should You Choose as Your Life Insurance Beneficiary?

Once you’ve decided to obtain a life insurance policy, the next step is choosing a beneficiary. You want to make sure your loved ones are well cared for in the event of your sudden demise. The following tips from Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN can help you make wise decisions in this matter.

Immediate Family

If you have a spouse and/or children, they should be your first consideration as beneficiaries due to be your immediate family. Your spouse and children will be affected most financially if you were to suddenly pass on. Life benefits can help your family carry on after you’re gone. Life benefits can be used to pay off a mortgage or car loan, to cover school and medical needs or be put aside to help with your kids’ college expenses. You can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones have the financial support they need to live comfortably after you’re gone.  

Aging Parents

Like many adult children, you may be supporting your aging parents in their retirement. By naming your parents as beneficiaries, they can continue to receive this financial support after you’re gone. Life benefits can help meet your parents’ immediate needs in their golden years.  


If you had plans to help younger siblings through college, life benefits can achieve this goal if you were to suddenly pass on. You could specify that a certain percentage of your benefits be designated for this cause. 


If you have no family, you could designate a favorite charity as your beneficiary to help those in need. This enables you to make a positive contribution to your community even after you’re gone. 

Life benefits can also be divided between various beneficiaries to help those you love.

To learn more about life insurance options, benefits and costs, contact Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN. 

What Commercial Insurance Do You Need for a Home Business?

Many home businesses in Rochester, MN need two different types of commercial insurance. Home-based insurance is not a type of insurance itself but rather a collection of insurance types that businesses that operate out of the home may need. This will usually include general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. An agent at Safechoice Insurance Agency can help you figure out exactly what coverage your home business needs. 

Some homeowners policies can provide enough coverage for a home business if add-on coverage is made to the policy. However, a commercial policy is usually best to ensure your home business has full coverage. Some home business owners may benefit from purchasing a business owners policy since this will combine commercial general liability with commercial property insurance. 

You will need home-based insurance if you have business-related visitors, such as customers or clients, coming into your home. You also need it if you have business property such as computers, equipment, or inventory in the home. If you provide a service for a fee, such as bookkeeping, you may want to consider errors & omission insurance. If you have employees or other family members who work for your home-based business, you may also want to consider workers compensation insurance. 

Commercial liability insurance is the most basic liability coverage that will protect you from third-party property damage or injury claims. Commercial property insurance can protect your business equipment or inventory. Errors & omissions insurance can cover injuries or damages due to your negligence, mistakes, or bad advice. Workers compensation insurance covers any work-related injuries, wage replacement, and medical bills for your employees. A homeowners policy endorsement will add business coverage and higher limits to your existing homeowner’s insurance instead of getting a separate policy. 

Contact Safechoice Insurance Agency, serving Rochester, MN, to get a quote on commercial insurance.