What to do when your home’s value changes

Rochester, MN area residents can count on Safechoice Insurance Agency for their insurance needs. We care about our community and want to ensure that you have the protection you need. If your house’s value has changed significantly, it may be time to update your homeowner’s policy. Give us a call today, and we can perform a comprehensive review of your current policy. 

Home values often fluctuate. Make sure that your insurance is keeping pace!

We all know how much our home values can fluctuate over the years. We recommend that all of our area customers take a close look at their home policy at least once a year. If it’s been a long time since you have even thought about your homeowner’s policy, now is the perfect time for such a review.  

Sitting down with a local agent is a great idea. Their expertise, knowledge, and experience can help you recognize and fix any gaps that there may be in coverage. Like many other things in our lives, our insurance needs can change over time. If your home value has changed significantly, it’s important to take the time to make sure that your home insurance policy is still adequate for your needs.

A home is a significant financial commitment, and it’s essential to protect that investment. Based on its current value, let’s find out if your current policy meets your current insurance needs.

We can help with all of your home insurance needs.

Safechoice Insurance Agency is ready to provide you with the insurance help you need. If you are a homeowner in the greater Rochester, MN area, we are here to help you with all of your home insurance needs. Give us a call today!

Why it’s a great idea to get roadside assistance with your auto policy

The team here at Safechoice Insurance Agency is proud to serve the insurance needs of the greater Rochester, MN area. If your auto policy isn’t cutting it anymore, we can help you with an upgrade! Our team is here to help you find the right policy for your needs. Get in touch today!

Benefits of roadside assistance

One of the most basic and obvious advantages of having a roadside assistance benefit included in your auto policy is that you will get the help you need if your car breaks down or is involved in an accident. Having this service through your auto insurance provides another layer of benefit.

When you are involved in a mishap or your car is inoperable due to a covered event, you will need to work with your insurance company to repair or replace it. If the vehicle is going to be fixed, your insurance company will probably have specific stipulations and requirements. If the tow truck you call takes your vehicle to an unapproved repair shop, the work may not be covered.

Using the roadside assistance that comes with your policy ensures that you work with approved vendors. This will help the claims process go much more smoothly. Getting your car fixed is already stressful enough. There’s no reason to add insurance issues to the process!

Give us a call today!

Rochester, MN area drivers can rely on Safechoice Insurance Agency for their insurance needs. If it’s time to upgrade your policy, give us a call or come by our office to find out more about the options available in our area. We look forward to working with you!

Why do people need life insurance?

Residents in the Rochester, MN area will always have different insurance needs. A type of coverage that should always be considered is life insurance. This type of coverage can provide a benefit to the dependents of the policyholder. There are various reasons that the typical person in this part of Minnesota will need to have a life insurance policy in place. 

Ensure Dependents Have Financial Protection

An important reason for anyone to have a life insurance plan is to ensure their dependents have financial protection. When you have people that rely on you for income and living expenses, it is important that you provide them with the necessary protection. With life insurance, you have the ability to build a plan that has a policy level and term that offers this coverage. This can provide necessary financial assurances and peace of mind. 

Alternative Investment Option 

When you are looking to prepare for your future, having a strong mix of investments is very important. A form of investment that many people do not consider is life insurance. With a whole life insurance plan, a portion of each payment made will lead to an accumulation of cash in a low-risk investment account. Over time, this will build up to a large sum of money that is liquid and can be accessed at will. You also can use it to collateralize various types of loans. 

As you are looking to get a life insurance plan in the Rochester, MN area, it continues to be important that you get proper coverage. With so many choices to make, calling the team with Safechoice Insurance Agency is a good option. The professionals with the Safechoice Insurance Agency can ensure you remain covered and have the support that you need to pick a plan that will give you the right coverage. 

Protect your MN business with a comprehensive commercial policy

Safechoice Insurance Agency is here for the business community of Rochester, MN. We want to help you protect your business. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a comprehensive commercial policy, give our office a call today!

Protect your business with a comprehensive commercial policy

Local business owners know the importance of protecting all of their efforts when it comes to insuring their businesses. If you are interested in upgrading your current commercial policy to one that is more comprehensive in nature, be sure to get all of the features that are needed. 

Protection for your entire business is possible with the right comprehensive policy.

  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Office machinery
  • Buildings and real estate

You can also opt for a policy that provides:

  • Cash flow interruption protection
  • Key employee coverage
  • Worker’s compensation 
  • Increased liability

There are many options available when it comes to commercial insurance! There’s no reason to limit yourself to a basic property insurance policy. We recommend sitting down with a knowledgeable agent who can present all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Now is a perfect time to review all of the available options to determine if you have the coverage and protection that you need. Protecting a commercial venture is very important, and the right insurance policy can make this possible. No one wants to find out that they are underinsured, especially after they have experienced a catastrophic event! Don’t let that happen to you.

We look forward to working with you!

Rochester, MN business owners can rely on the team at Safechoice Insurance Agency for all of their commercial insurance needs. Call our office today and schedule a consultation to learn more about the commercial insurance options available.

4 Benefits of RV Insurance

A recreational vehicle is a prized asset with unlimited fun, especially when touring a country. Undertaking a trip around the countryside in the comfort of a home is a magnificent experience for many Rochester, MN residents. Today, it’s not a must to have a brick-and-mortar dwelling to you regard as a home. Recreation vehicles have made this dream become a reality.

Irrespective of the breathtaking experience of recreational vehicles, it’s worthwhile not to forget RV insurance. Please get in touch with our experienced agents from Safechoice Insurance Agency and get a functional RV insurance that will consider your desires and budget. In the process, here are the benefits you will accrue.

Legal requirement

Similar to ordinary auto insurance, RV insurance is compulsory in Minnesota. As an RV owner, you must buy minimum liability requirements in your RV insurance to avert dire penalties and fines for non-compliance.

Liability protection

Imagine what transpires when you propagate bodily injuries and property damage in an accident with your RV? The damage can accumulate to thousands of dollars! From exorbitant medical bills to expensive legal fees, third-party claims can be a thorn in the flesh of your pocket. Luckily, these unexpected expenses are sorted out if you have RV liability coverage.

Protection of assets

Procuring an RV is a massive investment. Unfortunately, unforeseen situations like accidents, hail, or fire can throw your precious asset in disarray. Perils can cost you fortunes to repair or restore your RV without splendid RV insurance. Nevertheless, if you have RV insurance, it caters to either repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Instills peace of mind

The roads you use to cruise in your RV are full of all manners of drivers. From drunk, teenage, uninsured, and speeding drivers, accidents are never far from your RV. Although many risks are facing your RV, insurance makes you relaxed knowing that you are well-protected.

Are you an RV owner searching for RV insurance in Rochester, MN, to guard your precious asset? Don’t hesitate to contact our agents at Safechoice Insurance Agency for a customized, affordable quote.

Exploring The Benefits Of Motorcycle Storage Coverage

Safechoice Insurance Agency is an independent agency. We work closely with several carriers throughout the Midwest. We are committed to helping our clients find unique policies that will protect their assets. For over 15 years, we have helped Rochester, MN residents find coverage. You can expect to receive first-class customer service.

Exploring The Benefits Of Motorcycle Storage Coverage

Operating a motorcycle comes with significant risks. One accident can cause serious consequences. Motorcycle insurance is an asset. Motorcycle insurance covers your bike if it suffers damage through impact with another object. You can opt for comprehensive coverage, which covers your bike if it’s stolen or inclement weather moves through the area and damages your bike. Liability coverage protects you if you accidentally lose control of your bike, and it damages someone else’s property or causes bodily injury. You can also amend your policy to add extra coverage such as emergency roadside assistance, which covers you if your bike breaks down while you are on the road.

One of the other extra coverage options to consider is storage coverage. During the harsh winters in the Midwest, you will likely put your motorcycle in the garage to keep it safe since you aren’t using it. However, things could still happen. Perhaps your roof suffers damage which causes snow to build upon your motorcycle and damage the paint. Maybe an object falls and cracks a window. That’s why storage coverage is an asset. Storage coverage protects your motorcycle if an emergency occurs while you aren’t using it. It’s important to maintain some type of coverage, especially if there is a unique day during the winter in Rochester, MN when you feel like riding your motorcycle.

Safechoice Insurance Agency Will Help You Cover Your Asset  

Visit our website to learn more information about motorcycle insurance.

The importance of ATV Coverage

Think about the memories you have accumulated in the course of your ATV ownership. Quite many, right? You have conquered many terrains, and you hope that this quest continues for many years to come. While your ATV gives you all the fun, have you thought about ATV insurance from Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN? If not yet, consider the below benefits of ATV insurance and buy coverage today.

Liability protection

While ATVs aren’t driven on public roads, you can still cause injuries to onlookers and fellow enthusiasts. Besides, your ATV can veer off the road and cause property damage.  If you are accused by third parties, ATV insurance can protect your pocket by covering the liability claims. Besides, ATV insurance can cover you when sued — something that’s very common in America.

Asset protection

Suppose you have parked your ATV in the garage. You may assume it’s one of the safest places, but an electrical mishap is enough to cause a fire that consumes your asset. Also, your ATV is never 100% safe from thieves, falling objects, and natural disasters. 

And that’s not all. The risk is even high when you are using your ATV. During off-roading, your ATV can topple, suffering expensive damages. Thankfully, your insurer can compensate you for the loss or damage to your ATV as long as you have insurance.

It may still be required

ATV isn’t mandatory in Ohio, but it may be required if you drive in certain public places. Besides, if it’s financed, your lender may need you to purchase ATV insurance to protect the asset.

Protect your ATV today!

Your ATV is a source of unlimited fun, and therefore you wouldn’t cut short when perils strike. To be safe, get ATV insurance in Rochester, MN from Safechoice Insurance Agency.

What Is Covered with Toy Insurance

If you enjoy spending time outdoors with big boy (and big girl) toys, you may want to make sure that they are fully protected. Whether you enjoy flying through the snow on a snowmobile or enjoy riding on an ATV on trails through the woods, you have to be careful. Accidents happen, even when you are out having fun. 

For this reason, you need to have enough insurance to protect yourself. Here is what coverage you may get with your toy insurance. 

Personal bodily injury will cover your injuries that occur when you are out riding. It will cover your medical bills, as well as others that were in the accident with you. 

It will also cover any damage to property. If you hit a fence or another piece of property while you are out riding, it will cover the damage. It can also cover damage to other vehicles and public property. 

If you want full coverage, you may want to look into comprehensive toy insurance. This will cover things that occur when you aren’t riding. This may include damage due to the weather, such as hail or bad storms. It will also cover fires, falling objects, and even theft and vandalism. 

Policies vary quite differently. Some cover more than others. Some are more expensive than others. For this reason, you need to make sure that you read the fine print carefully before you decide on the right plan for you.  It is also important to know that you may be required to have insurance if you ride in certain places! 

If you want to make sure that your toys are properly protected, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN. 

Top Benefits of ATV Insurance in Minnesota

ATVs are an exciting part of life in Minnesota. However, the statistics are real. They come with a wide range of risks. When you have an ATV, you are not required to get liability or accident insurance, but you should.

At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we want Rochester, MN ATV owners to be protected from those accidents in life.

Learn more about the many benefits of ATV insurance here. 

Property Damage Coverage

You have worked a long time to get your ATV. It is your baby, and your pride and joy. If something happens to it during a collision or accident, you will need that repaired or replaced. Property damage coverage will do that for you with your ATV.

This will also cover you if your ATV is stolen, or a victim of fire or criminal damage.

Liability Coverage

When you have an ATV, the risk of accidents is high. You may be fine after an accident, but a third party or passenger could become seriously injured. Liability coverage will help to pay for their medical expenses and potentially lost wages if they are in an accident. 

Collision Benefits

When you have been injured in an ATV accident, you can have those costs covered with ATV insurance. This could provide benefits for your medical costs, and your lost income if you are out of work as a result of your accident.

Get a Quote

When you have an ATV in Rochester, MN, you will enjoy the ride more when you know that you are insured. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we can help you to get the Minnesota ATV insurance coverage that works best for your ATV needs. Call us for a quote today.

When you should get toy insurance

Toy insurance doesn’t refer to your children’s toys, but the valuable toys you own as an adult can leave you out of pocket if something happens to them. While some products might be easily replaced, damage or loss of specific and more expensive products can be a financial and emotional burden to have to deal with. So when should you get toy insurance?

Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN is proud to offer toy insurance services to residents in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We always take pride in offering the best quotes to go over with you.

1. You live in an environment that can lead to easy damage or theft.

What can this mean? Several things:

  • You live with children (or adults) that can be quite rough, which leads to incidents more often.
  • You live in an area where theft happens a lot, whether they are burglaries or people stealing something from you on the street. 

2. Frequent and multiple uses

You are less likely to need insurance if you alone use your toy. However, if it is a toy you like to share with others, or it is meant for several people to use, there are more chances that someone accidentally drops it or chances of wear and tear. 

3. Is it an in-house toy, or do you take it out with you?

If you only use your toy inside, it might be just fine not to insure the toy. However, if you take your toys out a lot, this comes with a ton more risk of theft and damage. 

Ready to discuss toy insurance? Don’t hesitate and call Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN today.