When Can You Claim Your Commercial Insurance?

Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN offers quotes for various insurance covers including commercial insurance.

Commercial insurance covers your business against claims resulting from loss, damage, and employee claims and in some cases, death. There are different types of commercial insurance that are claimed in different situations depending on the needs of a business. They include;

Public Liability Insurance

This insurance plan covers your business in case of public claims as a result of damage or loss of property, death or injury that is caused by your business. Public liability insurance covers compensation claims, medical charges, repair cost and legal charges.

Buildings and Content Insurance

The same way you ensure your home and property, you should also insure the buildings and content of your business in case of damage. Depending on your business’ type, you may decide to insure only the building, only the content or both. Building insurance covers your business in case of fires, theft, malicious damage, storms or floods. Content insurance may cover your furniture, trading stock or whatever else your business has. You may even insure your electronics.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

This insurance plan is a legal requirement for all employers. It covers you from financial loss as a result of any claims an employee may make regarding injury or illness incurred during or because of work. It typically covers lost wages and medical expenses for the employee or their beneficiaries.

At Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN, we allow you to access quotes from a half a dozen top-rated insurance companies without having to spend too much time and effort on it. We have experienced professional and knowledgeable agents to help you answer any questions. Contact us now and get solutions for your personal or business insurance needs.

Does ATV Insurance Cover Flooded Engines?

At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we have seen many people damage their ATV by running it improperly. While going off-road in an ATV is fun, it can cause issues if you get submerged and flood your engine with water. Does your insurance for your ATV cover this type of damage?

Issues Caused By Floods In The Engine

When you drive your ATV into a pond or lake, you are likely to flood it. Water in your engine is never a good thing. That’s because that extra water could cause difficulties with your engine compression. This situation is likely to cause severe strain on your ATV.

In some situations, it could even cause a hole to pop out of the engine cylinder. When this occurs, your ATV will be out of commission and will require specialized repair to get back on the road. Will your ATV insurance help to cover water removal or engine repair caused by this situation?

Your Policy Should Cover You

Your insurance policy for your ATV should cover this kind of damage to your engine. These kinds of policies take into account that you are likely to take this vehicle in an off-roading situation. As a result, most usually have language that helps to repair damage caused by its use.

However, they may not go into effect if you did something to contribute to the accident. For example, driving inappropriately or purposefully riding into a lake or pond could invalidate your policy. A true accident, such as losing control and ending up in a lake, will be covered by most types of ATV insurance.

Protecting Your ATV

If you are worried about your off-roading in Rochester, MN and want high-quality ATV insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Safechoice Insurance Agency. We serve Rochester, MN and the surrounding area and will provide many benefits for your ATV.

What is the Importance of Motorcycle Insurance?

Buying a motorcycle can be a very exciting time.  While you may be dreaming about cruising on the open road, you also need to make sure that your new motorcycle is properly covered by insurance.  There are several important reasons why you need to have a quality motorcycle insurance policy in place. 

Protects Your Asset

One of the main reasons why you need to have insurance coverage on your motorcycle is that it will be able to protect your asset.  A motorcycle can be a very big and expensive asset to purchase.  If you are in an accident or if it is stolen or vandalized, you will want to have an insurance policy in place that can cover the repairs or replacements of the motorcycle.  This collision and comprehensive coverage will be required if you have a loan on your motorcycle. 

Protects Others

Another reason why you will need to have motorcycle insurance is that it will protect other people on the road as well.  For those that live in the Rochester, MN area, having liability insurance on your motorcycle is required by law.  This type of insurance coverage will provide coverage for repairs to the other party’s vehicles or medical bills if you are found to be liable for an accident.  In the state of Minnesota you will be required to carry minimum coverage levels of $15,000 for property damage and $25,000 for bodily injury coverage. 

Since motorcycle insurance is so important, speaking with a professional before you purchase a policy would be very beneficial.  For those that are in the Safechoice Insurance Agency area, speaking with Safechoice Insurance Agency would be a great option. Safechoice Insurance Agency is a leading insurance agency that can help you to better understand your insurance needs and can help you get into a great policy. 

Getting Ready for West Coast Adventures

As springtime finally arrives in Rochester, MN, residents can start to prepare for their summer adventures. A popular way to see the beauty of the American West is to take an excursion in a recreational vehicle (RV). With the many national forests and parks in Idaho and neighboring states, travel by RV offers a great way to enjoy the beauty of our region while bringing a little piece of home with us. Safechoice Insurance Agency offers insurance coverage for Idahoans ready to hit the road in their RVs.

RV Preparation Checklist

For those planning long-distance trips, here are some helpful hints:

  • Carefully inspect tires, windows, doors, vents, and the RV’s exterior for cracks, dents, or other damage. 
  • Remove dirt and mildew from the exterior of the vehicle and thoroughly clean and refresh the interior.
  • Inspect bulbs and check outlets to make sure that electrical service is reliable.
  • Clean out water storage systems, inspect the propane system, and check the water heater.
  • Ensure that you have a road hazard kit, first aid supplies, a fire extinguisher, and ample provisions, such as fresh water. 
  • Inspect under the hood to make sure batteries and wiring are corrosion-free and that there is no evidence that small animals built nests during the cold winter months. 
  • If you plan to travel as a tourist into Canada, be sure to get a non-resident inter-provincial insurance card that assures your motor vehicle liability meets minimum standards.

A Full-Service Insurance Agency in Idaho

In addition to RV insurance, Safechoice Insurance Agency offers those living in and around Rochester, MN a variety of coverage options for auto, commercial, home, and life insurance, as well as other specialized coverage. Contact us today to learn about the policies we have available to meet your needs.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

An all-terrain vehicle is a source of fun and excitement, but only if you know how to ride and you’ve taken the proper safety precautions, including ATV insurance. These insurance policies vary in terms of their thresholds and coverage options, but there are some general features that most policies contain. If you damage your vehicle or suffer an injury, your ATV policy can help you recover and recoup the value of your vehicle.

Minnesota requires that ATV riders get liability insurance for off-road vehicles. This insurance covers claims against an ATV rider if they’re at fault in an accident. Coverage limits vary based on the nature of the insurance policy. Damage to property and other vehicles, as well as bodily injury, are typically covered in liability insurance. An insurance specialist at Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN can help riders select the amount of coverage that fits their risk profile.                                       

Similar to automobiles, ATV insurance coverage can be supplemented by additional features and protections. This includes collision coverage for damage to your vehicle, along with medical payments coverage. These supplements and other options come with dollar thresholds and limits. To determine the amount of coverage you’ll need, your insurance agent will walk you through your risk profile and help you determine what you need to mitigate the risk of loss to a minimum.

To learn more about coverage options for ATVs in Rochester, MN, please contact Safechoice Insurance Agency. These exciting vehicles have the power to turn ordinary outings and camping trips into adventures, but only if you take the proper precautions and safety measures. ATV insurance can give you an extra layer of protection, helping enjoy your time off-roading to the fullest.

What is Not Covered by ATV Insurance in Rochester, MN?

Your ATV may be fun, but it is a vehicle that is designed for disaster. This is why you need some form of insurance to cover losses on your end and liability for accidents. Of course, you should learn more about what is covered or not before making an informed purchase. Safechoice Insurance Agency is a great place to start if you are in the Rochester, MN area.

Not al ATV insurance plans are created equally in Rochester, MN, which is why you should never have concrete expectations. Your claims may not be covered if you are mishandling your ATV or using it for business purposes. For example, overloading the ATV to transport cargo is definitely misuse of your vehicle. Loading the ATV with multiple people will likely increase the chance of accidents is will probably void your claims.

Using your ATV on a highway or main road is not permitted by insurance providers. If state-owned roads or property allow ATV, it is likely that signs are market specifically for its usage. Researching about a public road or land should also be done before a voyage to stay safe. In general, it will not be permitted legally so it should be avoided if possible. Racing policies are sometimes offered by insurers but don’t expect it at a low cost.

Policies are also likely to ban coverage or ATV racing since it has a high risk. Your policy will probably detail that your ATV is only for personal recreational use or for traveling across your own property.

Now that you may have realistic expectations of your future ATV insurance plan, you may create a budget and start shopping. If you are looking for a quote on reasonably price insurance, be sure to consult with Safechoice Insurance Agency.

What Do You Need To Understand About ATV Insurance?

Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN is a full-service insurance agency.  The various states have their own licensing and registration requirements to operate an ATV.  Minnesota (MN) law requires those that operate ATV’s on or crossing the public highway must have Minnesota automobile operating license, and all ATV’s are required to b registered with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  Before one is permitted to operate an ATV, Minnesota has supplemental requirements such as safety course, specific age restrictions, and the necessity to use particular ATV safety gear. 

Homeowners and Recreational Insurance

While a homeowners policy may cover a liability claim for an ATV accident, but only if the accident or damage to the ATV occurred on the homeowner’s property.  Recreational insurance may cover ATV’s. However, this insurance is not written explicitly for all-terrain vehicles, and recreational coverage may not be as comprehensive.

ATV insurance typically covers:

1.    Liability – will cover any bodily injury while driving the ATV and property damage up to an amount stated in the policy. 
Without ATV coverage the medical bills of a bodily injury could cause thousands of dollars.  Legal fees are included if the ATV driver caused the accident.

2.   Collision –  repairs covered to you damaged ATV as a result of an accident.

3.   Comprehensive –  this is optional coverage which will pay for an ATV that is stolen or damaged by vandalism, severe weather or fire.  There is a situation that comprehensive coverage is required if you are seeking an ATV loans through a Bank or financial institutions. 

4.    Uninsured/underinsured motorist – optional coverage, which covers the cost if the other rider that caused the accident and is uninsured.

Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN looks forward to interviewing you concerning all your insurance needs. Please call us!

What Are Your Professional Risks?

Before calling Safechoice Insurance Agency about a commercial insurance plan, it’s a good idea to figure out exactly what the risks are that you face in your line of work with your Rochester MN business.

For instance, you might not think that you need general liability as part of your plan because you don’t own an office or a factory or anything, but consider what might happen if a courier is injured delivering a new prototype to your home.

If you use your personal vehicle to make business runs, dropping off deliveries or picking up product, then you might want to consider the advantages of covering your auto under a commercial policy.

Those people you have working for you, are they freelancers, or are they employees? Remember that just writing down "freelancer" might not make it so in the eyes of a court (or in the eyes of the IRS). These are all things that need to be considered before you buy your policy.

It all varies by industry and by business. A delivery service obviously needs to cover their vehicles and drivers, where a garage-based startup that only employees freelance labor doesn’t have to worry about worker’s compensation at all.

Before you call Safechoice Insurance Agency, it’s worth making a list of worst-case scenarios. It can be a bit grim, but it’s the only way to prepare yourself: What’s the worst thing that can possibly happen at your business? If you can write a top ten list covering all of those possibilities, then you’ll have a good idea of what you need to discuss when you call your insurance agency to create your commercial insurance plan.

Can You Buy RV Insurance for a Rental?

Taking a vacation in an RV can be a budget-friendly option and a great way to make memories. As such, more and more people are choosing to rent RVs when they travel. One of the questions that we at Safechoice Insurance Agency, serving the Rochester, MN area, are asked is whether someone can take out an RV insurance policy for an RV that they are renting. Here is the answer to that question. 

Can You Buy RV Insurance for a Rental?

If you are renting an RV, you will not be looking to purchase standard RV insurance. Instead, you will be looking to buy a temporary RV insurance policy. A temporary policy covers you temporarily while you are renting an RV from someone else or from an RV rental company. Temporary RV insurance also covers you if you are borrowing an RV from a friend or family member, as their RV insurance typically does excludes anyone aside from those named on the policy. 

How Long Can I Carry Temporary RV Insurance? 

Most companies do not put a length of time on how long you can carry temporary RV insurance. If the RV is registered and insured in someone else’s name, you are unable to carry traditional RV insurance on it. As long as this is the case, you can continue to carry temporary RV insurance. Some people rent RVs for a year to travel the country, while other people rent them for a week for a short camping trip. Either way, there is a policy to fit your needs. 

If you have purchased an RV and need an RV insurance policy, or you are renting an RV and need temporary RV insurance in the greater Rochester, MN area, Safechoice Insurance Agency can help you get the coverage you need. Call us today to get started. 

Do I need ATV insurance?

Operating an ATV in Rochester, MN can be a fun activity and an exciting way to spend time or run errands for business. Especially in the winter, people take to the outdoors to enjoy the many trails and other outdoor locations that can be found in Minnesota. However, it can also lead to accidents, which can be confusing because ATV drivers aren’t licensed and they don’t have the same legal requirements as drivers do to carry a license and insurance. 

Many ATV drivers and riders are also underage. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recommends everyone take a safety course, but there are always risks involved in these kinds of activity.  If you are in an ATV accident without insurance, you may still be liable for all the damages that occurred during the accident. From broken equipment to injured people, the damages can be very expensive.    

Every year, there are hundreds of ATV accidents in Minnesota that result in injury. Many of those involve young people and children, especially those under the age of 16, who particularly enjoy the thrill of ATV riding. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we want to make sure you are protected when those accidents occur. If you are injured, you will want your injuries to be taken care of. If another person was injured, you need for their injuries to be taken care of so that you will not have to pay out of your own pocket. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, over 10.5 million Americans owned ATV’s in 2009, up from 400,000 in the 1970’s. This is a trend that is growing, and which offers legitimate uses. If you want to talk about a policy for our ATV riding, call  Safechoice Insurance Agency to obtain a policy in Rochester, MN today.