Special Forms of Commercial Insurance that Most Businesses Should Have

Every business owner knows that in order to protect their business they need to have commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is a broad category that includes many types of coverage. Some types of commercial insurance, such as worker’s compensation to protect employees for on-the-job injuries, may be required by law. Other types of insurance are needed to protect commercial property and vehicles. All businesses need general liability. Some need product or professional liability coverage.

By working with your agent at Safechoice Insurance Agency, serving Rochester MN and nearby communities, business owners learn about other forms of coverage that most businesses need.

Here are a few insurance types to consider:

  • Coverage for Defamation Lawsuits: Defamation is the legal term for damage caused to a person’s or organization’s reputation. This damage may be caused by slander, which is by public speech or by libel, which is by print or media publication. America is very litigious. Lawsuits are filed against businesses for all kinds of things. A lawsuit for damages caused by defamation may seem to come out of nowhere. In America, anybody can sue anybody for anything. Even when a business has done nothing wrong, the legal expenses to defend against lawsuits can be very substantial.
  • Coverage for Terrorism and Mass Shootings: This has become a serious risk for many businesses in America that interface with the general public. Think about the mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas. The hotel used by the shooter for the attack is potentially liable for the deaths and injuries of so many people. That incident is still under litigation and the lawsuit will continue for years.
  • Coverage for Cyber Attacks: Cyber attacks are on the rise. Almost all businesses need to use the Internet and therefore they benefit from insurance coverage for damages caused by cyber attacks, which can be in the many millions for each business.

Make an appointment to discuss any special insurance needs for your business with your agent at Safechoice Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN, to get a commercial insurance evaluation and recommendations for adequate coverage.