What qualifies as a toy?

When you hear the term toy insurance, your first thought might be of toy trains, classic Barbies or a collection of Beanie Babies. Toy insurance does not cover that kind of toys. In this case, toys refer to motorsports equipment, off-road and recreational vehicles and various watercraft that Safechoice Insurance Agency of Rochester, MN can help you insure.

Most people think of jet skis or snowmobiles as items they’d insure with toy insurance. It applies to many other types of vehicles, too.

Land Vehicles

With respect to land vehicles, toys include all sizes of campers, motorhomes, and trailers. Insurance for antique, classic and collector vehicles, also falls under this category. All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), dune buggies, golf carts qualify, as well as the aforementioned snowmobiles.

Watercraft Vehicles

Under the designation of watercraft, jet skis and sailboats qualify, too. More specifically, you can insure water toys meeting the following criteria:

  • any personal watercraft,
  • watercraft up to 26 feet in length,
  • sailboats up to 40 feet in length and 200 horsepower.

What It Covers

You can obtain both liability and/or physical damage coverage for most vehicles. The exceptions are campers and trailers. For these two categories, you can only obtain physical damage coverage only.

Even adults want toys, but grown-up toys like ATVs, jet skis and boats require to insure since they carry a measure of danger with their use. Contact Safechoice Insurance Agency of Rochester, MN to learn more about how toy insurance can provide you with both the property damage and liability coverage you need. We can help you ensure you can repair any damage to your grownup toys.