When Making the Safe Choice is the Right Choice

There are times when you just can’t afford take risks. When it comes to surgery and health related procedures, people come from all over the world to visit the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. In fact, three presidents have traveled here, including Reagan, Ford and George H.W. Bush. Yes, there are times when you can’t take a chance.

Going into business, however, seems to always have its risks. Business owners try to minimize those risks, coming up with a solid business plan and adequate financing to get through the tough spots. A good marketing plan, long hours and hard work will help make a business successful, but again, there are no guarantees.

Businesses are at risk from competitors, a change in the market or technology, and from losses due to theft or storm damage. Businesses are also in constant danger from liability risks. This is where a solid loss prevention and business insurance program can help. It is also when making the Safechoice is making the right choice.

Safechoice Insurance Agency serves Rochester businesses and families with access to a variety of insurance providers. This ability to get quotes is a result of our status as an independent agency serving the 55901 zip code area. If you own a business or live in the Rochester area, you are invited to visit our website. There, you can get a comparative quote on your homeowners or auto insurance. Once you see how we can save you money, you’ll want to discuss your business insurance with us.

You take enough risks by being in business for yourself. Make sure you are protected adequately from events that can stop you in your tracks. Contact Safechoice Insurance Agency today and see why the Safechoice is the right choice.

The “Shocking” Cost of Replacing Your Electronics

Rochester, MN is known for its cold winters, but we can have extreme weather anytime of the year. Did you know, for example, that two F4 tornadoes have hit our community since 1953? What is interesting is that the first of those, in 1953, occurred in May. The other struck in mid-September. That second storm hit in 1962. Of course, it doesn’t take an F4 tornado to cause damage. Heavy rains and winds can cause damage almost anytime.

If you own a business in the Rochester area, are you convinced you have the proper business insurance to cover you in such a storm? Consider your electronics and computers for example. Today, most businesses rely on their computers, software and electronics to conduct business. They help us complete transactions, stay in contact with customers, and hold a significant amount of critical business information. If your policy just covers the cost of replacing equipment, you may be in for a shock. What about the software and the data on those computers? What about the cost of setting up a new network? Recovering from damage to electronic will likely cost you more time and money than simple replacement of a piece of equipment.

If you are unsure, we invite you to contact us at Safechoice Insurance Agency. As independent agents serving the 55901 zip code area, we can review your policy from any company. We can also search multiple providers for a better rate if you choose. We also invite you to get comparative rates on auto and homeowners insurance from our website. We believe once you see how we can save you, you will want to do all of your insurance business with us.

Contact us at Safechoice Insurance agency today and avoid the shocking true costs of damage to your business electronics.

Can I Work With An Agency To Get Home Insurance Quotes?

Rochester, MN is a major metropolitan area with close to 110,000 people. One of the primary points of interest is the world famous Mayo Clinic, which draws in a number of visitors and is one of the largest employers in the area. Residents also look to Silver Lake for recreation as well as various events held throughout the year.

When you live in the 55901 ZIP code, you have to make sure you get home insurance that you can rely on. This means you will want to learn about the coverage options, research the companies, and get quotes.

You don’t have to do all of this on your own. You can work with a home insurance agency to help with all of it. They will be able to explain the coverage options, including coverage on:

– Fire

– Flood

– Theft

– Valuables/Collectibles/Art

– Storms

– Personal injuries

There are all sorts of options to provide coverage for your home in Rochester and you will want to consider them all so you can make claims when something goes wrong. If something happens to your home in 55901 MN, you will want to contact the insurance company and know that they will take care of it all.

We are a home insurance agency you can rely on for all the help needed to find coverage and the right company. We’re independent, so we work with some of the top companies throughout MN – and that can make it easier for you. We will get quotes so you can make comparisons and find the most affordable policy.

Working with an agency makes sense and we’re happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you when it comes to buying homeowner’s insurance.

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Is Carpet Damage Covered On A Policy?

Throughout Rochester, MN, there are many things to attract people. There’s the Mayo Clinic, which is a provider of more than 30,000 jobs. It is also why many people choose to visit the 55901 area. The city has a large population and with the nearest metropolitan being St Paul, plenty of people are commuting in and out of the city.

When you buy home insurance to protect your house in Rochester, you have to consider what is and isn’t covered on a policy. Carpet may be throughout your home and you have to look at whether you will be responsible for paying for the replacement when it becomes damaged.

Here’s when you will have to pay for the carpet damage:

– Pets

– Kids

– Food

– Heavy foot traffic

– Normal wear and tear

There are other times when carpet can be damaged and this is when you will want home insurance to pay for it. The carpet may become damaged during a fire, flood, or even a robbery. All sorts of things can happen and you will want to call the insurance company to file a claim. You will want the coverage on your policy for all of these things as it relates to carpet so your claim is not denied.

The fine print needs to be read when you buy a policy for your home in the 55901 area. Some companies offer better coverage than others and so you will always need to do some comparisons.

We have agents to help you find a cheap policy while still making sure carpet damage is included. We will go over some of the basics with you, ask questions, and answer questions you have. We will also work on getting quotes for comparison and for finding a cheap premium.

Collectible coverage in Rochester

There are some real beauties tucked away in garages and barns in and around the Rochester area. These antique cars and pickup trucks have been meticulously maintained by generations of owners. They’re the pride and joy of those who are lucky enough to drive them, and they know better than to slide by on just minimum liability insurance.

Just because that vintage car or truck isn’t on the road everyday doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be fully insured. Some people insure them only for special events, parades or shows. Others insure them from spring to fall, while certain owners insure them for specified mileage limits like 5,000 or 10,000 miles per year. However you want to use that car or truck, we have a policy and premium plan that you can work with.

As independent insurance agents, we’re pleased to offer you the coverage you insist on for your collectible vehicle. We give you choices of insurers, coverage and premiums that most other agents just can’t give you. Telling you what your coverage is and how much it’s going to cost isn’t giving choices. We’ll give you unbiased and objective opinions and advice on any policies and special coverage you might be interested in, so you know your vintage vehicle is insured all the way around.

We’re well established and respected in the communities that we live in and service. With our experience and the insurance companies that we work with, we can tailor classic car insurance to suit whatever your needs are.

We like seeing you in that timeless vehicle and you’re happy to be driving it. If you’re thinking of buying a collectible beauty in or around MN Zip Code 55901, just call us to talk. We’re pleased to answer your questions.

5 Things To Explore With Car Insurance In Rochester

Rochester, MN has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. The 55901 zip code is part of the Minneapolis-St Paul metropolitan area. The main employer is the Mayo Clinic, providing a number of jobs. It is also what brings in a significant amount of visitors every year. Attractions include a symphony, various museums, as well as a large parks system.

When you are driving around the Rochester area, you have to consider whether your car insurance is offering adequate protection. Anything can happen to your car, on the road and off, and the insurance company can pay for most of it if you have the right level of coverage.

When you purchase car insurance, there are 5 things to explore.

1. Liability Levels

Your insurance policy will need to meet minimum state requirements in MN. However, you have the option of increasing liability for personal injury and property damage so you have more financial protection in place.

2. Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers all the things that could go wrong in 55901, even when you’re not behind the wheel. If you experience hail damage and it affects your clear coat, you could have it repaired when you have this form of coverage.

3. Rental Car Coverage

Having rental car coverage can be advantageous so you can have body work done, have your clear coat repaired or anything else – and have a rental car while the work is being done.

4. Other forms of Coverage

While you’re in Rochester, you have to consider other coverage options as well. This includes uninsured motorist and other ways of protecting your car, truck, or SUV.

5. Costs

The cost of car insurance can be affordable, even with a high level of coverage. You will simply need to get comparisons from multiple companies.

Learn more about car insurance today by calling and talking to one of our agents!