What You Should Know About Auto Insurance and the Law in Minnesota

Auto insurance does vary from state to state, which can make things a bit confusing if something happens out of town or if you move around a lot. Learn more about what you have to consider if you live in Rochester, MN. Safechoice Insurance Agency wants you to have the facts first. 

State Minimums 

Each state has set out their own minimums when it comes to staying legal. This means that if you want to get the bare minimum, you’re capped off at a certain amount. In New Hampshire, you’re not even required to buy auto insurance, making it unfortunate if you’re hit by someone from that state. In Minnesota, you need to have at least $30,000 worth of coverage for bodily injury, $10,000 for physical property and $60,000 limit for each incident. This is one of the higher minimums, meaning you likely won’t need to pay anything out of pocket. 

Understanding the Law 

Staying legal isn’t just about minimums though, it’s about thinking ahead. What happens if someone hits you and they’re uninsured? Do you have the time or the money to either go through litigation or to fix your car on your own? Most people who sue uninsured motorists are unable to recover anything, so this is a major concern. You may need additional coverage and not even know it. Safechoice Insurance Agency can help you make better choices when it comes to staying safe on the road. It’s tempting to go with the cheapest policy, but that choice can end up costing you more than you ever could have imagined. Call us today if you live in Rochester, MN and want to have your questions answered or if you need a quote. 


Why Auto Insurance is Particularly Important in Rochester, MN

If you live in Rochester, MN, and you are the owner of a motor vehicle, you should know that auto insurance is very important. In fact, it is required if you drive a vehicle. In Minnesota, it is particularly important that you have auto insurance coverage, because of the harsh winters that can affect your driving.

During the winter months, it is a very good idea to have roadside assistance in addition to the policy you normally have. Slide offs happen more often when the roads are icy and being stuck in a ditch, it can be great to have roadside assistance available to come and rescue you and your passengers. You can actually end up saving money this way, as you will be paying for the relatively inexpensive roadside assistance instead of having to pay expensive bills to have your car towed. Also, accidents are more likely when the roads are slippery, so it helps to have auto insurance even more than it does during the other times of the year. They are more likely to end up actually getting use out of their auto insurance coverage in the winter when accidents are more likely, as are damage and injuries. Comprehensive coverage will help you a great deal by protecting you against the higher risk of collisions and potential storm damage during the winters in this state. It is always important to have auto insurance coverage, as there is always a risk that an unexpected crisis situation could take place. However, you are more likely to benefit from this protection in the winter, due to all of the added risks that are present at this time of the year.

If you are interested in knowing more about auto insurance in the city of Rochester, MN, you should consider contacting Safechoice Insurance Agency. The agents at Safechoice Insurance Agency can answer any questions you might have and give you any information you need about how important auto insurance is for you as a resident of the state of Minnesota.

Freedom of Choice is Available with Safechoice Insurance Agency

Auto insurance is a fact of life required by law, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that your choices are limited. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, our independent agents can help you. Together we can discuss what levels of auto coverage will serve you, and which insurance providers offer it at a cost efficient rate that will make you smile. If this is your first car, we can help you understand the terms used in insurance coverage, find discounts you might not have known about, and get you the coverage you need to be confident on the road. If you have multiple vehicles, or perhaps if you collect vintage cars, then contact us today. We can help you save money and have peace of mind that your investment is protected. Proudly serving the Rochester, MN area, we provide auto insurance information on coverage and rates that let you make the final decision about where your insurance will come from for your vehicle or vehicles.

Minnesota law requires a certain level of auto insurance coverage. It’s called the No Fault system and means that everyone driving a car must have at least enough insurance to cover their own injuries in case of accident. Not only you, but anyone who drives your car must have the legally required minimum insurance coverage. But that level of insurance provides only minimal coverage. Beyond that, your needs can vary. You might want specialized coverage for an antique car, or perhaps your teen son has just passed his driving test. Here in the Rochester, MN area, the agents at Safechoice Insurance Agency have access to a broad range of coverage choices and rates to meet your needs. Call us today at 507-208-9282.

Rules to set up for your teen driver

The more experience you have, the better you will become. That is a general truth for just about anything, including driving. Due to the extreme lack of experience, your teen driver will slowly learn more and more as they spend more time on the road. While allowing your teen to drive is important, as it builds up their skill sets, you also need to set boundaries and rules to keep your child safe, whether driving in Rochester, MN or anywhere else, for that matter. At Safechoice Insurance Agency, we do everything in our power to keep your child safe while driving. It is why we have a few rule recommendations to set up regarding your teenager. 

No Texting or Calling

Texting is a major distraction. Whether texting, using an app or just about anything else on the phone, even an experienced driver can struggle using a phone and driving at the same time. Due to this, you need to set up a no texting or calling rule while driving. How do you enforce this though? There are applications available, including from your mobile service provider, that prevents texting and calling while the GPS detects driving movement. Consider installing one of these apps. 

Who They Can Drive With

Limiting the number of distractions your teen driver faces is important. This is also true with their passengers. You need to know who they drive with and, almost more importantly, the number of people in the car. Limit their driving to just friends you know and also keep the number of passengers they are driving around to a minimum. 


Set a curfew for when they need to be back with the car. Nighttime driving brings about all sorts of new problems and distractions, so you need to make sure to monitor this. 

How To Find Your Next Used Family Car

The safety of your family is very important, which is why many people spend some time looking for their family car. Unfortunately, your family car will not last forever and at some point, you will need to look for another one. Many families want to look for a quality used family car so that they can save some money. This is a great idea as long as you use some precautions while shopping. Before you go out and buy the first one you find, use these tips to find the best one to fit your needs and budget. 

  • It is easy to find a cheap family car when it is several years old. However, just because it is cheap does not mean that it is a good idea. Before you buy it because the price is low, be sure to measure the age against the price. You want to find a common ground where both the age and the price makes sense for your plans. 
  • Get an independent mechanic to take a look at the car before your purchase. Take it to someone of your choosing, not of the dealer’s choosing. You may be able to get the inspection done for free but be expected to pay around $100 if not. It is $100 well spent because you will get an unbiased opinion of the vehicle. If they say no to the vehicle, then you probably should too. 
  • Keep your emotions out of the decision. You can get emotional about a vehicle after you purchase it but do not make a decision based off of emotions alone. Use your logic during this type of transaction. 

Once you get your next great family vehicle, protect yourself and your family with a great auto insurance policy. Contact us at Safechoice Insurance Agency today to get started. 

3 Ways to Stay Safe Around Bicycles at Night

Thanks to a number of factors, there are more people than ever using bicycles instead of cars or trucks.  While this is great for the environment and the bicyclist’s wallets, bicycles on the road can be a hazard.  This is especially true at night when bicyclists are harder to see. Follow these tips to make sure you keep them and you safe on the road at night. 

  1. Be on the lookout for bicyclists.  It may seem obvious, but even after you have passed a bicyclist it’s important that you stay aware of him or her.  A sudden stop or change in his or her direction may mean that you need to stop your vehicle.  The more aware you are of the bicyclist, the easier it will be to stop in time.
  2. Give them some space.  Most bicycle accidents occur when a car hits a bicycle from the rear.  In many of these cases, the car was going around the corner, or was simply following the bike too closely.  By giving bicyclists enough space on roads without bike lanes, you’ll reduce the risk of striking them.
  3. Make sure your vehicle is visible.  Make sure that you have your headlights on during at night.  On country roads, use your bright lights.  This allows bicyclists to see you and for you to see bicyclists.

Being in an accident with a bicyclist can be one of the scariest and most costly events in your life.  That’s why it’s important for residents of Rochester, MN to make sure that they are protected with a good auto insurance policy.  Call the insurance agents at Safechoice Insurance Agency to discuss your coverage.

Tips for Revamping Your Winter Driving Skills

It doesn’t matter how long you have been driving in winter weather, there are always a few tips you can follow to make sure you’re as safe as possible. More importantly, these safety tips can help ensure that your family and passengers are safe while traveling in hazardous winter weather conditions. It’s imperative that you follow these tips as they can keep your insurance rates low, as well. Here’s a close look at three tips everyone should follow when driving in winter weather in Rochester. 

Add more distance between you and other vehicles

When driving in normal weather conditions, you’ll want to keep anywhere from two to five car links between you and any vehicles in front of you. In winter weather driving conditions, though, you’ll want to double this amount of space. Remember, the slicker the roads are, the more space you’ll need to come to a stop without hitting the vehicle in front of. It’s especially important to slow down around curves, too, because there’s the possibility that your car could slide sideways. 

Pay extra attention to the roadway

Driving down the road and listening to music is quite okay in normal driving conditions, but when traveling in winter weather, you’ll want to keep the radio turned down and have absolutely no distractions. The farther ahead you can keep your eyes on the road, the better prepared you will be if you need to avoid an accident. 

Know when to stay home

If there are reports of lots of accidents taking place on the roadways you’re needing/wanting to travel on, this is a good sign to just stay at home. If you have to get out, though, make sure to go well below the speed limit. 

Want more tips on driving in winter weather? If so, contact the Safechoice Insurance Agency today. 

What To Do For Car Care In The Colder Months

When you live in Rochester, Minnesota, there are going to be a lot of weather concerns as you drive in the colder months. You may be dealing with snow, ice, sleet, and more. By preparing your car now, you can ensure that your car is ready for the winter. You will also be more comfortable as you drive.

Speaking of comfort, you want to make sure that the heating and ventilation within your car is working properly. This means you may want to bring your car in a shop to have the HVAC looked at. Interior comfort is important and you want to be warm as you drive around. It is also important that your defrosting system works as it should.

Have your tires looked at as well. You will want to check tire pressure as the weather starts to get colder. It is also a good idea to look at the tread to ensure that there is enough to grab the roads when there is ice and snow out there.

Colder weather can be hard on batteries and you will want to check the connections to make sure that they are clean and corrosion-free. It has been more than three years since you last replaced the battery, you may want to explore getting a new one.

You should also have your brakes checked as well. The last thing you want is to slide across the ice because your brakes are not in the best of conditions.

Call us at Safechoice Insurance Agency today and learn how we can help you find affordable auto insurance in Rochester, Minnesota. We can help you prepare for the fall months, answer questions you have about coverage, and obtain quotes on your behalf from some of the top insurance companies licensed to issue policies in the state.


Extend the Life of Your Vehicle with These Easy Tips

Keeping your car running smoothing requires regular attention to little details. You don’t need to be a mechanic or spend hours under your car’s hood to extend its life. You do, however, have to see to the little things: regular maintenance and proper insurance. Here are a few tips from Safechoice Insurance Agency on how to extend the life of your vehicle.

How To Keep Your Car Going

Cars are often retired to the scrapyard when there’s a major failure, such as a blown piston or dead transmission. These large issues arise when little details are neglected over weeks, months, and years. Taking a few simple steps can keep your car going strong. To extend the life of your car, take time to do the following:

  • keep your tires properly inflated
  • have your oil changed regularly
  • put up a sunshade when you park

The third tip, using a sunshade, is especially important during the afternoon. When the sun’s high in the sky, its rays will damage an interior, causing it to fade over time. A sunshade will reduce the damage that the sun causes to your car’s cabin.

How To Keep Yourself Insured

If you’re hoping to drive your car for thousands and thousands of miles, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly insured when you’re on the road. The level of auto insurance that you need will depend on your personal situation, driving habits, and your car. The best way to determine how much insurance you should carry is by talking with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent can compare the different policies that are available in Minnesota and help you choose the one that provides the best coverage at the lowest price.

If you live or own a car in Rochester, MN, Safechoice Insurance Agency can help you find an auto insurance policy. We have independent insurance agents who are ready to assist you. To speak with one, give our office a call.


What Are The Options With Auto Insurance?

When you are searching for auto insurance in Rochester, MN it’s important to know about all of your options. The state of Minnesota requires a minimum level of coverage under liability, which provides protection for personal injuries as well as property damage.

Minnesota requires the liability coverage as well as PIP (Personal Injury Protection), underinsured coverage, as well as uninsured. You can also explore the optional coverage of collision and comprehensive.

By working with an independent insurance agent, we’re able to work with you on all of the different options. It can be overwhelming to find a policy in Rochester because the different companies all like to show you different forms of coverage.

You want to have not only what’s required by the state, but also some additional protection. This can end up saving you money in the long run because if you are involved in an accident or something else happens to your car, you want to be able to file a claim.

The coverage can be more affordable than you think. To double the liability coverage, it may only be a little more a month and it can provide you with peace of mind knowing that the coverage is in place.

The best thing to do is call and let our agents help. We work with all of the top insurance companies who are licensed in Minnesota. This makes it easier to determine what your options are and to get quotes in order to make more accurate comparisons.

Call and talk to one of our agents today. We will go over the required elements of auto insurance as well as the options in order to build a great policy for you. We can then get quotes to help you find the most affordable policy.



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